Englisch vom Unfeinsten

Eine Bewerbung. 🙂

Dear Project Manager,

I’m an English<>French freelance translator. I have obtained a dual citizenship because I was born in France from a French mother and a British father (professional translator). Therefore, English and French are both my mother tongues, and so both my source and target languages. My educational certificates, my family, numerous trips to English-speaking countries, my wide experience qualify me to be a gifted translator. I got many certificates related to Literature, translation and interpretation and others.

My translation work is always professional and accurate. I believe that purpose of translation is not only about finding accurate equivalents of words in another language, but is also about conveying the accurate  message, the correct ideas, while also carrying out overall cultural aspects from one language to another.  Many reasons which ensure that my translations are not only accurate but also are culturally relevant, they are a high fluency in both languages combined with a keen understanding of both French and American-British  cultures, localisms and particular language developments help t.  Translation of not only words but concepts helps break the barriers presented by different languages, and I have been able to intelligently to get rid of those barriers in all of my translation jobs. I Follow ethical codes that protect the confidentiality of information.. Refer to reference materials, such as dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, and computerized terminology banks, as needed to ensure translation accuracy.

Moreover, organizational abilities, my enthusiasm, analytical skills and creativity in solving problems can make a positive contribution to your company. I am equally comfortable working independently as well as collaboratively as part of a team.  I am equally adept at maintaining excellent relationships with clients, peers, and management.

My working hours: 24/7/365 upon request,  if any urgent project is there.

The contact details : See in the CV. I always make sure I respect my delivery deadlines.

** Translation rate 0.085 € PSW and Proofreading : 0.04€ PSW

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss any questions you may have and provide you with any further information needed.

Best Regards


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